Uppvisningsdanser  VT 2011
Aktuella uppvisningsdanser att öva in, VT 2011
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Tush Push Every Little Thing Carlene Carter Jim Ferrazzano MP3 Country
Kill The Spiders You Need A Man Around Here Brad Paisley Gaye Teather MP3 Country
Little Bluff You Lied To Me Tracy Byrd Robbie McGowan Hickie MP3 Country
Stomping It Out Goin Through the Big D Mark Chesnutt Silke C. Henke MP3 Country
Red Hot Rock 'n' Roller Red Hot Rock 'n' Roller Dave Sheriff Gaye Teather MP3 Country
Closer Closer Susan Ashton Mary Kelly MP3 Country
People Are Crazy People Are Crazy Billy Currington Will Craig MP3 Country
Country Walkin’  Walk In The Country’ The Ranch (w/Keith Urban) Teree DeSarro (USA) MP3 Country
Louisiana Swing Home to Louisiana Ann Tyler Robbie McGowan Hicki
Kate Sala
MP3 Country
Under The Sun Under The Sun (Radio Edit) Tim Tim Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu MP3  
Irish Stew Irish Stew Sham Rock Lois Lightfoot MP3  
101 Sofie The Playtones Peter Metelnick MP3  
Tennessee Waltz Surprise Tennessee Waltz Ireen Sheer Andy Chumbley MP3  
My Pretty Belinda Pretty Belinda Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels Vikki Morris MP3  
Rock Around The Clock Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley Tony Chapman MP3  
Elvis Shuffle Return To Sender Elvis Presley Patricia Stott MP3